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TCIG Marks Labour Day in Salute to Workers

Press office
May 1, 2013

Today May 1, 2013 is being celebrated in the Turks and Caicos Islands as Labour Day. This week, April 28to May 4, 2013 is also being commemorated by the Employment Services Department, Ministry of Border Control and Labour as they join the International Labour Organization (ILO) and other worker organizations worldwide to celebrate World Day for Safety and Health at work under the theme “The prevention of Occupational Diseases”.

Recognizing the need to sensitize employers and employees of their individual responsibilities Labour Commissioner, Mrs. Michelle Fulford-Gardiner, said: “It is our aim to make every effort to minimize and prevent where possible, any incidents of occupational disease through training, education, awareness initiatives and campaigns. To commemorate this year’s theme we invited medical practitioners to come in and assess staff blood pressure rates within our department. As a part of our stakeholder engagement programme will be delivering ‘Safety Kits’ to schools and key agencies to further promote health & safety among their workers.”

An occupational disease is defined a disease contracted as a result of exposure to risk factors at work. Recognition of the occupational origin of a disease, at an individual level, requires the establishment of a casual relationship between the disease and the exposure of the worker to certain hazardous agents at the workplace. 

Occupational diseases cause huge suffering and loss across the world.

Minister of Border Control and Labour, Hon. Ricardo Don-Hue Gardiner noted that “Inadequate prevention of occupational safety has profound negative effects not only on workers and families, but also on society at large due to the tremendous cost implications, particularly, loss of productivity and heavy reliance on the social security system. Undoubtedly, prevention is more effective and less costly than treatment and rehabilitation.  It is critical that employers and employees within the Turks and Caicos Islands take concrete steps to improve their capacity for preventing occupational diseases.”

The general public is encouraged to join the Employment Services Department by organizing activities within their establishments, which promotes the health and safety among workers. The Department would be happy receive photos from these events and post them on their website.

For more information please visit website address www.labour.tc  or contact an agent on 946-2801 ext# 81504

Brief Facts:

According to ILO, estimates:

  • There are 2.34 million occupational fatalities every year
  • 321,000 or 14% are due to accidents
  • The remaining 86 % or 2.02 million deaths are caused by various types of work-related   diseases.